Books Published by Faculty Members

Cindy Yik-yi CHU (ed.), The Chinese Sisters of the Precious Blood and the Evolution of the Catholic Church 

(Christianity in Modern China) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), 207 pp.

This book traces the origins of the Chinese Sisters of the Precious Blood in Hong Kong and their history up to the early 1970s, and contributes to the neglected area of Chinese Catholic women in the history of the Chinese Catholic Church. It studies the growth of an indigenous community of Chinese sisters, who acquired a formal status in the local and universal Catholic Church, and the challenge of identifying Chinese Catholic women in studies dealing with the Chinese Church in the first half of the twentieth century, as these women remained "faceless" and "nameless" in contrast to their Catholic male counterparts of the period. Emphasizing the intertwining histories of the Hong Kong Church, the churches in China, and the Roman Catholic Church, it demonstrates how the history of the Precious Blood Congregation throws light on the formation and development of indigenous groups of sisters in contemporary China.













Timothy Man-kong WONG, Ka-che YIP and Yuen Sang LEUNG (eds.), Health Policy and Disease in Colonial and Post-Colonial Hong Kong, 1841-2003

(Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia)

(London: Routledge, 2016), 150 pp.

Besides looking at major outbreaks of diseases and how they were coped with, diseases such as malaria, smallpox, tuberculosis, plague, venereal disease, avian flu and SARS, this book also examines how the successive government regimes in Hong Kong took action to prevent diseases and control potential threats to health. It shows how policies impacted the various Chinese and non-Chinese groups, and how policies were often formulated as a result of negotiations between these different groups. By considering developments over a long historical period, the book contrasts the different approaches in the periods of colonial rule, Japanese occupation, post-war reconstruction, transition to decolonization, and Hong Kong as Special Administrative Region within the People’s Republic of China.

Ricardo King-sang MAK, Kai-wing CHOW and Timothy Man-kong WONG. Reaching a New Milestone: Sixty Years of Excellence at Hong Kong Baptist University 

(Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University, 2016), 125pp.

Sixty years demarcates a cycle in Chinese tradition. Evolving through the years to deliver “whole person education,” the Hong Kong Baptist University stands high at sixty, shining under the motto “Light and Truth.” For HKBU, the completion of this full cycle signified various milestones and achievements which have well-prepared the University in face of another promising cycle. As new challenges are anticipated, the University’s extraordinary journey serves as a constant reminder of the institution’s brave beginnings and future endeavors. After three years of in-depth research, Prof. Chow Kai Wing, Prof. Mak King Sang and Dr. Wong Man Kong, supported by their research team and colleagues of CPRO, have produced Reaching a New Milestone: Sixty Years of Excellence at Hong Kong Baptist University which highlights our university’s contributions to tertiary education, innovative research, community service and knowledge transfer over these years.