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The Department of History and Geography of Hong Kong Baptist College (HKBC) was founded in 1960, four years after the College itself. In 1978, the Department of History became an independent teaching unit. In 1994, HKBC achieved university status, becoming Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Since then, the Department has forged extensive contacts with academic institutes in Hong Kong and abroad. In 2018, the Department of History celebrated its 40th anniversary with a full year of academic and homecoming events.


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History is a useful subject that enables its readers to understand and capture the salient features of the shared past of mankind.

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All the faculty members of the Department have demonstrated great interest in historical research and have published widely in academic journals, books and edited volumes.

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Our Monthly Newsletter serves as an excellent channel to keep members and students informed about the latest development, activities, and achievements of the Department.

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Since 2016, the History Department has hosted a Peer Mentoring Program. Students who join the Peer Mentoring Program as mentees are matched with experienced classmates who can help them develop effective study habits, learn how to navigate the university, and get the inside scoop on the History Department.

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Our students normally obtain about sixty scholarships/ awards every academic year.

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15-16 Jun 2023
An International Conference on Port Cities in Comparative Global History: Potentials and Issues
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In Remembrance of Dr. James A. Stewart Jr.
Donation Form for Dr. James A. Stewart Jr. Memorial Scholarship
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Peer Mentoring Program (AY 2022-23)

朋輩輔導計劃 (2022-23 年度)

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