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Four years after the founding of Hong Kong Baptist College in 1956, the Department of History and Geography was established. In 1978, the Department of History became an independent teaching unit; and in 1988, it began its accredited degree program. In 1994, the College was renamed Hong Kong Baptist University. Since then, the Department's contact with other academic institutes in Hong Kong and abroad has become even much more vigorous. In 2018, the Department celebrated its 40th anniversary. Further information can be viewed here.


Advancing the Limits of Historical Knowledge

All the faculty members of the Department have demonstrated great interest in historical research and have published widely in academic journals, books and edited volumes. Publications cover a variety of topics, periods, and regions, and are delivered in different languages.

Respect for Diversity

The Department of History values the diversity of its faculty, staff, and students, and promotes an environment which is respectful of all, regardless of age, disability, ethnic and racial background, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, and social background. For more on the university’s support for equal opportunities and different cultures, see: