Dr Sun Yat-sen Research Fund


Established in 2004 and endowed in 2009 with several rounds of additional donations in recent years, the endowment fund donated by Dr Tan Siu Lin in the names of Luen Thai Group, Tan Siu Lin Foundation, and Sun Yat-sen Education and Charity Foundation, offers permanent support for research work related to Sun Yat-sen conducted by the Department.


For further information, please visit the “Research on Sun Yat-sen,” Subset of “History in Data,” a digital platform co-owned by the Department of History and the University Library:


Please click here to view a brochure describing Dr Sun Yat-sen Research Fund


Recent products of this endowment project 

The establishment of a widely and frequently visited database, “Sun Yat-sen Parks in the World” 

Several rounds of seminars, exhibitions, and guided trips related to Sun Yat-sen Parks

The publication of a scholarly volume on Sun Yat-sen parks in the world

An international forum on Sun Yat-sen studies (see below):







A video that reports recent activities delivered by the project team

A video produced in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the endowment fund

A video introducing the Sun Yat-sen Parks in Hong Kong (2016)