Teaching Staff
Dr. CARLEVAN, Romain Francois-noel

P/T Lecturer
Department of History


PhD: City University of Hong Kong
MA and BA: Sciences Po, Paris


(852) 3411 7116


Contemporary Political Dynasties;
Heredity in Politics;
Political Families of India, Japan and the Philippines;
Freedom Fighting Families and Decolonization.

  • “Wives and Widows, Matriarchs and Mistresses: Classifying Female Dynasts in Contemporary Northern India”, paper presented at the Fourth EECURI workshop on “The Elected Representatives of India : MPs, MLAs and Others”, 22-23 june 2015, held at the CERI/SciencesPo, Paris.


  • “City Dynast, Country Dynast: Hereditary Politics in Rural and Urban Northern India”, paper presented at the EECURI workshop on “The 2014 Lok Sabha Elections in Urban and Rural India”, held on 19-20 august 2014 at the ICSSR/JNU, New Delhi.


  • “Families With a Fiefdom, A Study of Heredity and Spatiality in Central India Since Independence”, paperpresented at the First EECURI workshop on “Comparing Urban and Rural Politics in India”, held on 18-19 march 2013 at King’s College, London.


  • “Modern Maharajas? Studying the political families of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh from 1957 to today”, paper presented at the conference entitled “Howrepresentative is Indian democracy?”, held on 14-15 october 2011 at NYU, New York.