Academic Staff
Dr. SIM, Dao Wei Joshua

Research Assistant Professor, Department of History


PhD, National University of Singapore

MA, National University of Singapore

BA, The University of Western Australia

BSc, The University of Western Australia



History of Christianity in Modern China and Southeast Asia

Chinese Religious Transnationalism

World Christianity

History of Exertional Heat Stress and Thermoregulation

History of Sports Science and Medicine


Monograph project (in progress):


  • Globalizing Chinese Christianity: Constructing Transnational Sinophone Evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century [Tentative Title]


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:


  • ‘A Chinese Protestant Female Model in Southeast Asia: The “Confucianizing” of Leona Wu Jingling in 1970s Singapore’, Ching Feng (English Edition) 18:1/2 (2019): 101-122 (released in January 2021).


  • ‘Compliant Singaporean Christians? State-Centred Christian Responses to COVID-19 in a Single-Party Dominant State’, Studies in World Christianity 26:3 (2020): 239-260.


  • ‘Chinese Evangelistic Bands in Nanyang: Leona Wu and the Implementation of the John Sung-Inspired Evangelistic Band Model in Pre-War Singapore’, Fides et Historia 50:2 (Summer/Fall 2018): 38-65.


  • ‘Factors Associated with Obesity: A Case-Control Study of Young Adult Singaporean Males’, Military Medicine 179 (Oct 2014): 1158-65. [Co-Author]


  • ‘Technocracy and Soldier-Centrism: A History of Heat Stress Management in the Singapore Military’ [In Progress; Co-Author]


  • ‘Making the South Seas a “Chinese” Mission Field: Chinese Evangelical Missionaries to Southeast Asia, 1920s to 1950s’ [In Progress]


Book Chapter:


  • ‘The Formation of Global Chinese Christian Identities’, in Jayeel Cornelio, François Gauthier, Tuomas Martikainen, Linda Woodhead, eds., Routledge International Handbook of Religion in Global Society (New York: Routledge, 2021), 277-291.
  • National University of Singapore, Graduate Student Research Support Scheme for Thesis Related Fieldwork, 2017