Academic Staff
Dr. ROBINSON, Rebecca

Assistant Professor, Department of History


PhD, McGill University
MA, McGill University



Early Chinese History (500 BCE – 220 CE)
Comparative Ancient History (China/Greece/Rome)
Environmental History of China
Ritual and Religion in Early China

Histories of Surveillance


A: Book


  • Imperial Cults: Religion and Politics in the early Han and Roman Empires (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).


B: Journal Articles


  • “The Document on Rain (Yushu 雨書): Weather and Prognostication in Early China.” International Journal of Divination and Prognostication, 2021, 2.2: 191-223.


  • “Spectacular Power in the Early Han and Roman Empires.” The Journal of World History. 2018, 29.3: 343-368.


C: Book Chapters


  • “Big Data in Early China: Networks of Surveillance in the early Chinese Empires,” in Histories of Surveillance from Antiquity to the Digital Era: The Eyes and Ears of Power. Laura Skouvig and Andreas Marklund, eds., Routledge, 2021. pp. 20-36.


  • “Employing Knowledge: A Case Study in Calendar Reforms in the Early Han and Roman Empires,” in Rulers and Ruled in Ancient Greece, Rome, and China, Hans Beck & Griet Vankeerberghen, eds., Cambridge, 2021. pp. 369-396.


  • “To Reverently Bestow the Seasons: Calendrical Narratives in Early China and Rome,” in Intersections of Religion and Astronomy. Aaron Ricker, Christopher J. Corbally, and Darry Dinnell, eds., Routledge, 2020. pp. 27-35.


D: Reference Entries


  • (01/2020-04/2023) “Religion and Environment in Early China.” Supported by a GRF grant.


  • (01/2023-06/2024) Ideologies of Surveillance in Ancient China and Rome