Academic Staff
Dr. HOSHINO, Noriaki

Assistant Professor, Department of History


Ph.D. Cornell University
M.A. University of Tokyo
B.A. University of Tsukuba


(852) 3411 6563


Modern Japanese History
Intellectual and Cultural
History History of Migration




  • “Histories of Modern Migration in East Asia: Studies of the First Half of the Twentieth Century” (with Qian Zhu), International Journal of Asian Studies 14:2 (July 2017).


  • “Racial Contacts across the Pacific and the Creation of Minzoku in the Japanese Empire,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 17:2 (Jun 2016): 186-205.


  • “Migration and the Formation of a Diverse Japanese Nation during the First Half of the Twentieth Century,” in Pedro Iacobelli, Danton Leary, and Shinnosuke Takahashi (eds.), Transnational Japan as History: Empire, Migration, and Social Movements (Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).


  • “Analysis of Subject Formation in the Empire- Discourse of Korean Intellectuals in Ryokki” (in Japanese), Language and Information Sciences, Vol.4 (March 2006): 311-324.



  • “A Folklorist as Translator,” Review of Melek Ortabashi’s The Undiscovered Country: Text, Translation, and Modernity in the Work of Yanagita Kunio. H-Net Reviews (Sep 2015).


  • “Japan’s Northeast: Regionalism and Nationalism,” Review of Nathan Hopson’s Dissertation “Tōhoku as Postwar Thought: Regionalism, Nationalism, and Culturalism in Japan’s Northeast.” Japan Studies Dissertation Reviews (Dec 2013).