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Year 2017
Jatinder MANN (Ed.), Citizenship in Transnational Perspective Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017) 322 Pages. ISBN: 9783319535289.
This edited collection explores citizenship in a transnational perspective, with a focus on Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and offers historical, legal, political, and sociological perspectives. The two overarching themes of the book are ethnicity and Indigeneity. The contributions in the collection come from widely respected international scholars who approach the subject of citizenship from a range of perspectives: some arguing for a post-citizenship world, others questioning the very concept itself, or its application to Indigenous nations.
Cindy Yik-yi CHU (Ed.), Foreign Missionaries and the Indigenization of the Chinese Catholic Church. (Hong Kong: Centre for Catholic Studies, CUHK, 2017). 177 pages. ISBN: 9789881403742.
This is a collection of essays on the Catholic Church in modern and contemporary China. It aims to show how the indigenization of the Chinese Catholic Church took place from different perspectives.

Foreign Catholic missionaries came to evangelize in China. At same time, the Roman Catholic Church encouraged foreign missionaries to build local churches and to cultivate well-educated local priests to shoulder important tasks. The popes talked about the equal status between foreign and Chinese priests.
Bettina DIETZ (ed.), Das System der Natur: Die kollaborative Wissenskultur der Botanik im 18. Jahrhundert (The system of nature. The collaborative knowledge culture of eighteenth-century botany). (Böhlau: Cologne / Vienna 2017). ISBN: 9783412507398.
This book investigates the participatory architecture of eighteenth-century botany and, as a consequence, its collaborative publication system and form of authorship. Due to the ever increasing and potentially infinite need for information of Linnaean botany, authors – Linnaeus himself but others as well - had to rely on aggregating information from a large number of contributors and readers in order to continuously complete and correct their works. Botany’s iterative publication mode relied on the principle of publishing early and often. As a result, books were co-produced in the framework of a collaborative publication system that shaped the botanical author as a ‘composite’.



Chi-man KWONG (ed), War and Geopolitics in Interwar Manchuria: Zhang Zuolin Clique during the Northern Expedition. (Leiden: Brill, 2017). 327 pages.
Using primary and secondary sources from China, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, this work revisits the wars during the period from international, political, military, and economic-financial perspectives. It sheds new light on Zhang Zuolin’s decision to fight against the Nationalists and the Communists and offers an alternative explanation to the Nationalists (temporary) victory by revealing the central importance of geopolitics in the civil wars in China during the interwar period.