YATES, Robin D.S. 葉 山教授
James McGill Professor, McGill University
Fellow, Royal Society of Canada
Visiting University Fellow, Department of History

Ph.D. Harvard University, 1980 (Chinese History, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
M.A. University of California, Berkeley, 1975 (Oriental Languages)
M.A. Oxford University, England, 1974 (Oriental Studies)
B.A. Oxford University, England, 1970 (Oriental Studies)
Tel: (852) 3411 7616
Email: robin.yates@mcgill.ca

Early and Pre-modern Chinese History;
History of Women in China;
History of Chinese Law;
Excavated and Retrieved Manuscripts;
Popular Culture
  Visiting Professor, Department of History, Chinese University of Hong Kong, May 10-July 8, 2016
  Elected Fellow, Division of the Humanities of the Academy of the Arts and Humanities of the Royal Society of Canada, July, 2010
  SSHRC Research Grant for the project “Women and Law in Society in the Early Chinese Empires (3rd Century B.C.E. to 10th Century C.E.): Re-thinking the Early Development of the Pre-Modern Chinese Gender Order,” 2010-2013
  Prix André-Laurendeau en sciences humaines, Association francophone pour le savoir, 2008

Visiting Researcher, Dept. of East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of California, Santa Barbara, September 1-November 30, 2007
  Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation Senior Scholar Award, 2007, for the project, “Law, State, and Society in Early Imperial China: Translation and Study of the Zhangjiashan Legal Texts”

National Endowment for the Humanities Award, 2007-2009, with Anthony Barbieri-Low, for the project, “Law, State, and Society in Early Imperial China: An Annotated Translation of the Legal Documents from the Zhangjiashan Site”
  Law, State, and Society in Early Imperial China: A Study with Critical Edition and Translation of the Legal Texts from Zhangjiashan Tomb no. 247, co-authored with Anthony Barbieri-Low, 2 vols. Sinica Leidensia vol. 126, cxiv+1416 pp. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, November 16, 2015
  Birth of an Empire: The State of Qin Revisited, co-editor with Yuri Pines, Gideon Shelach, and Lothar von Falkenhausen. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2013
  Women in China from Earliest Times to the Present: A Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2009
  Zhongguo kexue jishu shi di wu juan 中國科學技術史, with Li Yuesi. Beijing: Kexue chuban she and Shanghai: Shanghai guji chuban she, 2002. Translation of Science and Civilisation in China, volume 5, part 6
  Five Lost Classics: Tao, Huang-Lao and Yin-Yang in Han China. Ballantine Del Rey Fawcett, New York, 1997
  Science and Civilisation in China vol. 5, part 6 “Military Technology: Missiles and Sieges” in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Needham et al. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994
  Washing Silk: The Life and Selected Poetry of Wei Chuang (834-910). Council on East Asian Studies, Harvard University, Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph no. 26, 1988
  - Plus numerous book chapters, journal articles, encyclopedia entries, reviews, and conference/ seminar papers