MARLING, Thomas 馬 鈴博士
P/T Lecturer, Department of History
Education 學歷  
  Master of Arts, Chinese Studies, Xiamen University
Bachelor of Arts in History, Newcastle University
Research Interests 研究領域  
  The right to the city, Spatial practices, Performativity, Gentrification, Marxism, Geography 
Current Research Project(s) 目前的研究計劃  
  Urban space, Municipal modernisation and early Chinese leftism in Guangzhou
Selected Publications 著作選錄  
  * Marling, Tom,  “Anarchism and the Question of Practice: Ontology in the Chinese Anarchist Movement, 1919-1917,” Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, 2013.2, pp. 188-215.
* Marling, Tom, “The Role of the New Culture Movement in the Innovation and Legitimation of Early Chinese Ontology, 1919-1927” Quarterly Journal of Chinese Studies, 2012.1, pp. 14-30.