LIU, Oiyan 廖藹欣博士
Assistant Professor, Department of History

Ph.D. Cornell University
B.A., M.A. Leiden University
Tel: (852) 3411 2558

Colonial Southeast Asia – China connections
Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality Studies
The Chinese Diaspora
Maritime Asia
  “Countering ‘Chinese Imperialism’: Sinophobia and Border Protection in the Dutch East Indies,” Indonesia 97 (April 2014): 87-110.
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  (Translator) “The Oceanography of the Archipelago”, “Is Opium a Genuine Evil? (1882)”, “Marriage in Minahasa” in Tineke Hellwig and Eric Tagliacozzo (eds.), The Indonesia Reader: History, Culture, Politics (Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2009).
  (Co-author) “The National Archives (Jakarta) and the Writing of Transnational Histories of Indonesia,” in Itinerario: International Journal of the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction 1 (2008): 81-94.