LI, Kin Sum Sammy 李建深博士
Assistant Professor, Department of History

Ph.D. Princeton University,
Certificate of the Princeton-in-Ishikawa Japanese Language Program,
M. Phil. and B.A. Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 3411 7176

Art History and Archaeology of Ancient China;
Cultural Exchanges along the Silk Routes;
History of Mass Production;
History of Industrial Revolutions across World Civilizations.
  Universe within Inches: Bronze Mirrors Donated by Professor Mark Kai-keung. Hong Kong: Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. (Forthcoming)
  Peer-reviewed articles
  “The Component-Model Method of Mirror Manufacture in 300 BCE China.” Archives of Asian Art. (Forthcoming)
  “The Design Origins of Qin Metal Weights.” Artibus Asiae. (Forthcoming)
  “To Rule by Manufacture: Measurement Regulation and Metal Weight Production in the Qin Empire.” T’oung Pao. (Forthcoming)
  “Designs within Circular Frames: Bronze Mirrors in Northeast Asia, 600-100 BC,” in NMK 2014 Museum Network Fellowship Research Papers, ed. National Museum of Korea. Pp. 2-13. Seoul: National Museum of Korea, 2014.