LI, Kin Sum Sammy 李建深博士
Assistant Professor, Department of History

Ph.D. Princeton University,
Certificate of the Princeton-in-Ishikawa Japanese Language Program,
M. Phil. and B.A. Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 3411 7176

Art History and Archaeology of Ancient China;
Cultural Exchanges along the Silk Routes;
History of Mass Production;
History of Industrial Revolutions across World Civilizations.
  2017. Universe within Inches: Bronze Mirrors Donated by Professor Mark Kai-keung 方圓天地——麥氏贈鏡. Bilingual (English and Chinese). Hong Kong: Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  Book chapters
  (Forthcoming). “Ancient Jade and Glass: Cultural Interactions throughout the South China Sea,” in Voyages, Migration and the Maritime Silk Road, Berlin: De Gruyter.
  (Forthcoming). “Hollywood Road and Antique Trades” 荷李活道與文物交易, Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Company.
  Journal articles (sole-authored)
  2017. “The Component-Model Method of Mirror Manufacture in 300 BCE China,” Archives of Asian Art, vol. 67, issue 2, pp. 257-76.
  2017. “The Design Origins of Qin Metal Weights.” Artibus Asiae, vol. LXXVII (77), no. 1, pp. 91-110.
  2017. “To Rule by Manufacture: Measurement Regulation and Metal Weight Production in the Qin Empire,” T’oung Pao, vol. 103, issue 1-3, pp. 1-32.
  2014. “Designs within Circular Frames: Bronze Mirrors in Northeast Asia, 600-100 BC,” in NMK 2014 Museum Network Fellowship Research Papers, ed. National Museum of Korea. Pp. 2-13. Seoul: National Museum of Korea.
  Journal articles (Co-authored)
  Wang, Jidong, Jiajia Dai, Kin-Sum Li, Jun Wang, Mingqiang Wei, *Mingyong Pang. 2018. “Cost-effective printing of 3D Objects with Self-Supporting Property,” The Visual Computer, pp. 1-13, DOI:
  Conference papers (Sole-authored)
  2016. “The Qin faduliang Edict and the Design and Production of the Metal Weights,” in Excavated Manuscripts and Material Culture: Fifth Young Scholars Forum on Excavated.
  Manuscripts, ed. Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology, Hong Kong Baptist University, pp. 307-38.
  Conference papers (Co-authored)
  Chan, Connie C.W., Li, K.S. (Sammy), Ngan, Henry Y.T. 2017. “Weaving Pattern Recognition of Ancient Chinese Textiles by Regular Bands Analysis,” Electronic Imaging, Intelligent Robotics and Industrial Applications using Computer Vision 2017, pp. 31-6. Society for Imaging Science and Technology. DOI: