LEUNG, Ming Fai 梁明暉博士
P/T Lecturer
Department of History

Tel: (852) 3411 7116
Email: mleungmf@hkbu.edu.hk
Education 學歷  
  BA & MPhil (Humanities, HKBU)
PhD (Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies, Warwick)
Research Interests 研究領域  
  Cultural historiography;
The Politics and Aesthetics of Hong Kong Culture;
Dance Studies;
Critical Cultural Theories.
Selected Publications 著作選錄  
  梁明暉。<在拉丁舞的規訓中尋找自由:李維菁《人魚紀》中的身體和主體性>。《The Affairs 週刊編集》,2019年8月10日,頁20。  
  Leung, Maggie. “Vipassana review: No zen in too much zen.” dance journal/hk, 3 Nov. 2017,
  Leung, Maggie. “From 1a Space to Public Space: Cultural Organizations as the Platform for Public Discussion”. How to See Hong Kong Art. 1aspace: Hong Kong, 2004.  
  Leung, Maggie. “Living at the Edge of Time. An Impression of Hon Chi Fun”. How to See Hong Kong Art. 1aspace: Hong Kong, 2004.