FAN, Guangxin 范廣欣博士
Research Assistant Professor, Department of History

Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison and
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
M.Phil, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
BA, Nanjing University.
Tel: (852) 3411 6432

Chinese Intellectual History (late imperial and modern);
Political Thoughts of China (from classical period to modern era);
Modern European Political Theory in a Global Frame;
Comparative Political Thought.
  〈盧梭 “革命觀” 之東傳:中江兆民漢譯《民約論》及其上海重印本的解讀〉 (Rousseau’s “Revolution” in East Asia: Nakae Chomin’s Chinese Translation of The Social Contact and its reprinting in Shanghai),《思想史》(Intellectual History), forthcoming.  
  〈2004年廈村鄉太平清醮考察紀錄〉(co-authored with Lui Wing Sing),(An Ethnographic Record of Jiao Festival at Ha Tsuen Heung in 2004),in Choi Chi-cheung & Wei Jinxin eds,《延續與變革:香港社區建醮傳統的民族誌》(Continuity and Change: An Ethnography of The Jiao Festival Tradition in Hong Kong Communities) (Hong Kong:Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2014): 241-258。  
  〈從民本到民主:羅澤南、中江兆明和盧梭論反暴君〉 (From Confucian Populism to Democracy: Anti-tyrannical Theories of Luo Zenan, Nakae Chomin and Rousseau). 《政治思想史》 (Journal of The History of Political Thought) 10 (June 2012).

〈從《大學章句質疑》看晚清義理、考據和經世之學的整合〉 (The integration of Philosophy, Philology and Politics in Late Qing as seen from Guo Songtao’s Commentary on The Great Learning).《思想與文化》 (Thought and Culture) 10 (December 2010).  
  〈曾國藩“禮學經世”說的涵義和運用〉(The Implication and Application of Zeng Guofan’s Doctrine Lixue jingshi).《政治思想史》 (Journal of The History of Political Thought) 3 (September 2010).  

〈曾國藩“禮學經世”說的宗教儀式淵源:以送痘神和求雨求晴為例〉(The Religious Origin of Zeng Guofan’s Doctrine of Lixue jingshi: Sending away the Goddess of Smallpox and Praying for Rain and Sunny Days). 《學術月刊》(Academic Monthly), (Jan 2010).
  “The Chinese Idea of University 1866-1895” (co-authored with Cheung Chan Fai). In Mak King Sang ed., Transmitting the Ideal of Enlightenment: Chinese Universities since the late Nineteenth Century. Lanham: University Press of America, Inc 2009.  
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  〈事功和禮:郭嵩燾《中庸章句質疑》初探〉(Shigong and Li: A Study on Guo Songtao’sCommentary on The Doctrine of Mean). 《中國哲學與文化》(Journal of Chinese Philosophy and Culture), (Dec 2008).  
  〈芝加哥大學的西方文明核心課程:通識教育與大學理念〉(University of Chicago’s Western Civilization Core Courses: General Education and the Idea of University),《復旦通識教育》 (The General Education Journal of Fudan University) ,(May 2008).  
  〈從鄭觀應到盛宣懷:轉型時期中國大學理念走向成熟〉(From Zheng Guangyin to Sheng Xuanhuai: The Idea of Chinese University in the Transitional Period). In Wang Fan-shen, ed. 《中國近代思想史的轉型時代》 (The Transitional Period in Modern Chinese Intellectual History). Taipei: Linking Press, December 2007.
  〈經典與現實的互動:從奏稿看郭嵩燾“遠人”觀念的形成〉 (Interaction between the Classical Tradition and the Reality: the Evolution of Guo Songtao’s Idea of yuanren). 《二十一世紀》(21stCentury), (December 2007).  
  〈現代文人之懺悔錄:一部反潮流的文學史〉 (Modern Literati’s Regret: A Counter-trend Literary History Work). 《九州學林》 (JiuzhouXuelin), (July 2006).  
  〈亂世從政之地理指南:羅澤南手稿《皇輿要覽》初探〉 (The Geographic Guide to Political Participation at a Time of Turmoil: A Basic Analysis of Luo Zenan’s Manuscript Huangyu Yaolan). 《台大歷史學報》 (Historical Inquiry), (June 2006).

〈“懷柔遠人”的另一解釋傳統〉 (Another Interpretation Tradition of ‘Cherishing Men from afar’). 《當代》 (Contemporaryera), (May 2002).