Dec 7, 2015
Keynote Session 主題演講
Valerie HANSEN 韓森 The World in the Year 1000: the View from Beijing
CHEN Kuo-tung 陳國棟 明清時代(15-18世紀)中國航海家的優勢條件
HANEDA Masashi 羽田正 World/Global History and the Positionality of Historians
Panel 1 Early China and the World 早期中國與世界
LEI Chinhau 雷晉豪 The Emergence of Organized Water Transport in Early China: Its Social and Geographical Contexts
LI Kin Sum Sammy 李建深 Ancient Jade and Glass: Cultural Interactions throughout the South China Sea
John RUSKAMP Asiatic Echoes - Identifying Ancient Chinese Pictograms in North America
Steven LU 盧鳴 《山海經》藏有最古老的世界地圖
Panel 2 Geographical Explorations 地理探索
Charlotte REES Did Ancient Chinese Explore America?
Chao CHIEN 錢肇昌 Chinese Impetus of European Exploration
DING Jie 丁潔 張德彝和李圭——最早環遊地球一周的中國人
ZHOU Yunzhong 周運中 從牛津明末閩南航海圖看中日近代命運
Panel 3 Zheng He’s Voyages and Their Global Impact 鄭和下西洋及其全球性影響
ZHANG Zhigang 張志剛 中日學者眼中的“鄭和下西洋”—以中國知網和日本CiNii上登載的論文為分析對象
CHWANG Leh-chii 章樂綺 Did Zheng He Voyages Confront the Scourge of Scurvy? Myths and Controversies
Sulia CHAN 林翠玉 From Zheng He's Voyages to the Princess Taiping
Dec 8, 2015
Panel 4 Migration and the Chinese Diasporas 移民及海外華人群體
Pal NYIRI 尼日 Contextualising “Chinese Diaspora Studies:” A Global Perspective on New Mobilities
LIU Oiyan 廖藹欣 The Diasporization of Ming Migrants: Rethinking the History of the Early Chinese Settlement in Southeast Asia during the Nationalist Era
Evelyn HU-DEHART 胡其瑜 Spanish Manila: a Trans-Pacific Maritime Enterprise and the Formation of the First American Chinatown
NG Wing Chung 伍榮仲 The Soundscape of Cantonese Pacific: Chinatown Theater and Immigrant Life in the Early Twentieth Century
Panel 5 China and the World (I) 中國與世界(I)
Michael Wing-hin KAM 甘穎軒 Revisiting Chinese Pirates in the Ming Dynasty: From Global Perspective
Philip THAI 蔡駿治 Smuggling and Legal Pluralism on the China Coast: The Rise and Demise of the Joint Investigation Rules, 1864–1934
Donna BRUNERO 游瑭娜 Beyond Tariffs and Duties: The Chinese Maritime Customs Service and its representation of China’s Maritime World c.1860-1949
MA Jianxiong 馬健雄 The Road Getting in All under the Heaven Cosmology: The Zhaozhou Bazi Society in West Yunnan
Panel 6 The Maritime Silk Road and China’s Maritime Power 海上絲綢之路及中國海洋勢力
HAN Xiaorong 韓孝榮 越南與古代絲綢之路
LIN Yanying 林彥櫻 Not yet submitted 未呈交
LIN Ying Yu 林穎佑 從海權本質看21世紀海上絲綢之路
Kent DENG 鄧鋼 Rise and Fall of China’s Maritime Power, 960-1460
Panel 7 China and the World (II) 中國與世界(II)
Ronald Chung-yam PO 布琮任 A Port City in Northeast China: Dengzhou in the Long Eighteenth Century
Glen PETERSON International Law and China’s Entry into the 'Family of Nations': The Question of Forced Migration and Refugees, 1860-1930
LEE Pui Tak 李培德 香港的亞洲網絡──日本如何通過香港吸收西洋文明
Catherine S. CHAN 陳家怡 At the Edge of Two Worlds: The Portuguese Diaspora in British Hong Kong
Panel 8 China and the World (III) cum Closing 中國與世界(III)暨閉幕討論
Kam-wing FUNG 馮錦榮 十五、十六世紀印度洋海事資料及伊斯蘭航海儀器蠡談
Jamie MONSON 孟潔梅 Work and Technology Transfer in China’s History of Development Cooperation in Africa
DING Guoqi 丁國旗 近代日本從“攘夷”到“開化”之思維轉換中的中國因素
CHEN Duoyou 陳多友 漢譯《萬國公法》對日本近代的影響
Papers to be presented at the Guangzhou Session
CHEN Weiguang 陳偉光 Not yet submitted 未呈交
FAN Guangxin 范廣欣 Extraordinary Monarch and Revolutionary Dictatorship: Yang Tingdong’s Creative Translation of Rousseau’s The Social Contract
Fausto GUIMARÃES The Chinese Diaspora and its influence on the cultural development of Brazil
HONG Shihong 洪詩鴻 日本對中國“一帶一路”的反應及在亞洲的經貿佈局
LAI Chin-yi Jeff 賴進義 《鄭和航海圖》與21世紀海上絲綢之路
LAM Ngan Ting, Katy 林雁婷 “Retreat” of the Chinese State: Globalization history of Chinese state-owned entreprises in Africa
LI Tao 李濤 Not yet submitted 未呈交
LIU Jisen 劉繼森 21世紀海上絲綢之路與廣東對外開放新格局
LIU Kaizhi 劉開智 “21世紀海上絲綢之路"對香港港口發展的機遇與挑戰
LIU Zhao Min 劉昭民 中國古代的舶趠風與鄭和下西洋及21世紀海上絲綢之路
Ricardo K. S. MAK 麥勁生 Pathways to Spiritual Inwardness in the Modern Times: Zong Baihua’s Aesthetics and He Lin’s Ideas of “Inner Sageliness”
SHEN Minghao 申明浩 中西方貿易網路與廣東轉型升級
TAN Ta Sen 陳達生 Silk Roads, Cheng Ho Legacy and World Dream
YUNG Ying-yue 容應萸 The Global Migration of a Chinese Family: Kwan Yuen-cheung and his descendants
ZHANG Xiuqiang 張秀強 中國漫畫文化的對外傳播研究