August 18, 2015

Thanks to the concerted efforts of all colleagues, the History Department has just completed a fruitful academic year. A major renovation has brought professionalism, liveliness, and inspiration to the Department. A user-friendly and regularly-updated website has facilitated much better communication between the Department, students, and the general public. For the first time in history, we have our own logo and anthem. We launched the first Annual Assembly and re-activated the Faculty-Student Consultative Meeting. The founding of our e-newsletter, published ten times a year, has been most exciting. We were also blessed by several homecoming visits and donations from alumni.

In regard to the curriculum, AY 2014-15 was remarkable because of the successful addition of 15 new courses to the list, accompanied by 6 revised courses, to be implemented in AY 2015-16. Moreover, our Minor Program has been significantly expanded from offering 17 courses to 67 courses. In addition to doubling the size of our Office Team, our team of Academic Staff and Teaching Staff is also growing healthily. With the existing 5 scholarships/awards and the establishment of another 6 new scholarships in the past few months, we are now able to give due recognition to the most outstanding History Majors, in all programs and across years of study, according to their performance in each semester of their sophomore, junior, and senior years. We also accomplished substantial growth in our team of research postgraduate students owing to the successful bid for a Hong Kong PhD Fellowship and 2 donated scholarships. 

The Department has organized/co-organized 3 conferences and 18 lectures/seminars in the past academic year. Moreover, faculty members have published a total of 12 books and over 50 journal articles and book chapters. In the same period, we have over 120 records of members delivering lectures, conference papers, and serving as panel chairs or moderators. At the moment we have 17 externally funded projects and 5 internally funded projects that are ongoing. Therefore, faculty members are truly active in engaging themselves in various academic activities. Furthermore, the Department takes great pride in adding to its record 2 significant recognitions, a book prize and a research award, won by 2 Assistant Professors in the past academic year.

In AY 2015-16, we welcome a number of new faces including 2 Assistant Professors, 1 Research Assistant Professor, 1 Visiting University Fellow, 1 Visiting Lecturer, several Research Assistants and Research postgraduate students, as well as 78 newly declared History Majors in different programs. The Department is ever growing with new blood and a positive spirit. While we are marching forward, we shall never forget the important hard work of the previous History family members. It was their advanced insight and indispensable efforts that laid the strong foundations of the Department. We are ever grateful to our former colleagues and students, and will do our best to stay connected with them. Working as a team, we shall strive for excellence and will continue contributing enthusiasm to make the Department a better place.

Clara Wing-chung Ho
Head and Professor
Department of History