Clara Wing-chung HO
Head and Professor
Department of History

Taking up the headship of the Department is a great challenge for me because I am much more interested in research and teaching. However, after serving the University for nearly a quarter-century, I can no longer avoid contributing my energy to run the Department. My target is to make the Department a better place for all parties involved, so that we as teachers will take pride in working here, and our students will find it to be a warm and caring place to learn, gather and share. Moreover, I hope the Department can also offer a thought-provoking yet friendly environment for scholarly exchange and interaction that our worldwide guests enjoy visiting.

Several reforms are going on at the moment, including a major physical renovation. It is expected that when the renovation is completed the Department will become a much livelier place. A lot of discipline-related decorations will also bring in a sense of history. We shall enhance our website soon and have it updated regularly. Starting from this academic year, we shall organize an annual assembly at the beginning of every fall semester for all teachers to meet with all History majors across years, programmes, and cohorts. Certificates of Excellence and Certificates of Merit will be awarded to outstanding students during the annual assembly. We are also planning a logo design competition to draw upon the wisdom of our students and alumni in creating a departmental logo for the first time.

Looking ahead, the University will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2016, and the Department of History will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2018. It is the perfect time for us to invest more effort to reconnect with our alumni. Many of them have been doing wonderfully well in their professions, and we are really proud of them.  Their success will bring positive spirit to the Department, and their stories will doubtlessly inspire our current students. Homecoming activities will be organized in due course.

Our team of academic and teaching staff is a group of scholars with diversified academic backgrounds and expertise. We earned our doctoral degrees in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America, and were trained in different streams of the historical profession. Age-wise speaking, our team is a good combination of scholars of a few different generations. Our students have the privilege of being taught by senior, middle-aged, as well as young scholars in the Department. Regardless of age, all members in our team are active, energetic, and productive scholars in a variety of fields. Working together, we shall make the Department a better place.

Sept 16, 2014