Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in China Studies (4-year)
2018/19 intake
Option Description
Today, China is entering a new phase in its pursuit of modernisation, but this process can never be understood without going back to the roots. The aim of the History Option is to train students to gain a holistic and balanced view of China, thus preparing them for a variety of occupations which demand a full appreciation of the present complexities in light of past developments. The ultimate objective of training in history is to educate generalists who can think, analyse and write. This option is no exception, especially when it is becoming more and more obvious that Hong Kong society greatly needs this kind of humanist orientation. Students will be expected to follow a curriculum which (1) trains them in historical methods and historiography; (2) prepares them for a comprehensive and integrated understanding of modern Chinese history; and (3) documents the significance of that past for China’s present-day development. With their basic writing and analytical skills, students will be encouraged to examine China from the perspective of a global/regional vantage point as well as from that of their local environment—Hong Kong.
Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILO)
Successful students will be able to:
1) have a broad range of knowledge about contemporary China from multi-disciplinary perspectives, as well as in-depth knowledge of contemporary China from a particular disciplinary perspective;
2) possess in-depth critical knowledge of the theories and methodologies relevant to a specific discipline;
3) compare and contrast different social science disciplines in their approaches to studying human societies;
4) demonstrate subject-specific skills relevant to social science studies in China;
5) think critically and creatively;
6) communicate (in writing and verbally) effectively in Chinese and English; and
7) recognize and appreciate human diversity so as to be able to perceive the world in different perspectives.

For the structure of the curriculum, please refer to:
BSocSc (Hons) in China Studies: http://chinast.hkbu.edu.hk/
General Education Office: http://ge.hkbu.edu.hk/new-ge-programme